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This is "Kanmidokoro Takane",established in 1953.

"Kanmidokoro" is a space where Japanese-style confectionery are being sold, and a space where you can eat them. Our main product is "Taiyaki". In Japan, Tai (bream) is said to be a fish that brings good omen, as the word "Medetai" in Japanese means "happy" or "auspicious". Tai (bream) was expensive for ordinary people, so a sweet shaped like Tai (bream) called "Taiyaki" was born. Since we use a traditional way of making Taiyaki which is an unusual way today (by clicking the picture, how each Taiyaki is being made can be seen), our Taiyaki can not be mass produced.

Today, since most shops make Taiyaki by molding many of them at once, the sound that is being made by turning each of the mold one by one can not be heard. This is a sound that the craftsmen make when he is working hard to make the product so this sound is comfortable and also for some reason gives people a nostalgic feeling...

but this is a very hard work. The outside paste of our Taiyaki is made of flour, egg, water, etc etc. The outside is crispy and the inside is very hot. We try and make the thickness of each paste equal. Inside this paste, is Japanese native bean paste. This bean paste is being made by boiling "Azuki" or small beans from Hokkaido with saccharide. This bean paste is used commonly in Japanese traditional swets and there are different kinds of bean paste. For other Japanese sweets sold here, the ingredients for each of them are specially chosen by actually going to the source where each ingredients are being sold.

Also in the cafe area, the sweets can be eaten with specially made Japanese teas. There are about 20 different kinds of teas and each of them are very special as I go and visit the farm of the maker of each of these teas. These teas are not sold in normal shops. I am the one that make the sweets in Takane but I am not the one that make the teas.

₫ So I go visit and talk to the people that makes these teas and learn a lot about them. They said that "For you, we can sell these teas."

Thereare many stories in making one thing, and in eathing it. why don't you experience this story yourself!
In the cafe area, There are many things that I found from all around the world. The sweets in my shop does not keep long but since the GHIBLI museum is also close by, isn't this shop appropriate for a story for your trip?
Please ask your Japanese friend to translate Takane's master's column! (Its long though!)

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